My Husbands ship is going underway in the next day or two. They will be gone for almost three weeks. We've been spending a lot of time together lately so I'm not in the mood to share him with the Navy for so long.

Good thing is there's a possibility that he might not have to go. He's trying to check out of this ship by Wednesday. If his leave is approved then he can check out and we can start to prepare to head to Georgia. His new Duty station will be Kings Bay.

The Bad thing is his ship does everything last minute. So there's no way for us to plan for this week or the next three weeks until we find out Wednesday if his leave is approved. Whatever decision that is made will be okay with us. Of course we would prefer that he doesn't go underway with the ship and he can start his leave asap. If he has to go underway we will just deal with it. We have dealt with it plenty of times before.

I'm not ready to move to Georgia yet but i'm ready to start our vacation! My husband has only taken 5 leave days in the past 16 months. Since his ship was on dry dock for 15 months it was hard for him to take his leave. Whenever he was ready to take leave they would have a hold on it for his department. So he pretty much kept missing out.

I can't wait till he takes his 40 days of leave beginning some time in May! We plan to really enjoy that time together. Time for us to make a list of fun things to do, especially since we are doing a cross country road trip from San Diego, CA to St. Marys, GA

Any ideas of where we should stop on the way to Georgia? What should we try to see? I think we will be through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and then to Alabama. We plan to stay in Alabama for a few days to see his family. 7 more hours till we've made it to our new Duty Station in Georgia.

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