I'm a day early. I will officially be 11 weeks pregnant tomorrow. So far my pregnancy is going pretty smooth. I have never peed this much in my life. If I have something to drink, or not, I still have to go pee. If I just peed, then I have to go pee soon after. lol.

I've been tired a lot. I have no energy till probably around 5pm. Then I get a small burst of energy to do whatever I need to get done. Luckily I'm a housewife, I wouldn't be able to survive a day of "real" work right now.

I do not have much of an appetite at all. Most foods turn me off just by smelling or looking at them. I like string cheese, peaches, oranges and lemons. Yes, that's right I like lemons! I've been eating lemons with salt. I know this is horrible but sour things are so delicious to me right now.

I do not suffer from morning sickness. This is a plus for me. I was scared that I would be one of those pregnant women that hug the toilet often, but nope, no vomiting for me...yet! That's what my midwife told me. She said morning sickness can hit me at any time so not to get excited about not having it.

I'm hoping that once I pass week 12 and i'm into my second trimester, I will feel better. Since i'm always tired it's making my days go by really slow. My sleep pattern is off. I know that if i'm woke, then the baby is woke. I wake up around 2am in the morning and go back to bed around 4am. Then officially wake up for the day around 8am. I'm not sure what is going on but I wish my body would get back to a normal schedule.