Today I'm officially 13 weeks and 3 days. I had a prenatal appointment and everything is going well with my pregnancy. I haven't gained any weight yet, I've actually lost one pound since I've been pregnant. Maybe because I feel sort of sick when I eat and I do not really have an appetite. As soon as I take a few bites I feel full right away. That part sucks because I feel like I'm starving my little baby. The doctor said I'm healthy and so is the baby. That's all that matters!

I'm so excited. I just wish time would hurry up and fly by fast so I can meet my little one soon. My next ultrasound is scheduled for August 29th. This will be the big one. We find out if we are having a boy or a girl. My Husband is hoping for a Boy and I'm just wanting a healthy baby. I don't really have a gender preference.

Every time we go to the doctor the baby's heart beat is higher and higher. I heard that if it's a low heart beat that it's a boy because boys generally have low heart beats. If that theory is true then I think that I'm having a girl. Has anybody heard of this before? If not, what other gender prediction methods have you heard of or have you used? Did they end up being true?