I've been peeing more and more lately. This is very irritating. We have a townhouse and there's no restroom downstairs so i'm always running upstairs to pee.

My appetite has not changed much this week. I still do not have a taste for anything. I've been eating yogurt, fruit and string cheese a lot. These are the only things that do not make me feel sicks.

I had to go to the hospital this morning for a small second degree burn on my arm. I fried some food for dinner last night and the hot grease popped on my arm. It really sucks because I only took a few bites of the food. I never get to enjoy food anymore but I still ended up with a burn mark. lol.

They checked my weight when i was at the hospital and i'm actually 6 pounds smaller then I was pre-pregnancy. My last Dr visit I was 1 pound down but the prenatal office has an old scale and it's not digital. I trust the hospital's scale more. I"m going to post an update video on YouTube later this week.