I received a bag full of goodies today from the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS). It's called a Junior Sea Bag. The give you a bag full of new baby items for your new little one.  There's also a handmade crochet blanket included in the bag.

You have to participate in a Budget For Baby Class to receive the Junior Sea Bag which is valued at $80. The budget class was a one on one class with a counselor. It took me about 15 minutes. We went over my current income and bills then we created a budget that included new baby expenses such as milk and diapers.

The budget really helped me out. It gave me an idea of how much money that I will need to save for now. I wasn't anticipating all of the expenses so it was nice to get a quick overview.

If you are expecting a baby and are a first time mom then you should take this free class. Contact your local NMCRS.