I mailed my voter ballot in on Monday. I voted by mail because I'm currently in Washington State and I'm a registered voter in California. I'm sure San Diego has received my ballot by now. Mail only takes a day to get there.

So many people have opinions about what the President has and has not done. If you have an opinion then you need to vote and show the world that you have a voice. I know that we all have different values and different views on things so we can agree to disagree. I figured I would say this just to let everyone know that I'm not trying to start a Debate.

I'm #TeamObama!

Yes, that's right. I voted for Obama. He has my vote this year and he had my vote 4 years ago. I will not go in to detail about why I voted for him. Those are my personal reasons and of course I don;t want to start a debate. I just want to make everybody aware that voting will be coming to a end in the next few days. Please make sure you get out and vote before it's too late. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!

Here's a few videos that I posted on my YouTube channel of the 3rd and final Presidential Debate on October 22, 2012.

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