I went to Gene Juarez Hair Salon yesterday to get my hair done. I got a wash and blow dry and they flat ironed my hair. It looks bone straight!  The hair style came out really nice.

The only problem was the weather. It wasn't raining yet but it was still a damp like feeling. Also known as humidity. The stylist sprayed some ORIBE ANTI-HUMIDITY SPRAY on my hair. She made sure to get it all over my hair so that I would have full protection. This is suppose to last me a few days. 

When I woke up this morning my hair was still nice and not puffy. I also had to go out in the rain to run some errands today. I made sure to put my umbrella to use and yet my hair is still not puffed up. 

I want to recommend that you invest in some ORIBE ANTI-HUMIDITY SPRAY. You can purchase this from the ORIBE website by clicking HERE. The full size(5.5 oz) cost $38.00 and the purse size cost $19.50

I found a purse size on BirchBox. It's 2.2 ounces for $19.50. I bought one other item on BirchBox which made my total $25.00 so shipping was free for me. 

This is very expensive but it's worth every penny. I can't wait for mines to come in the mail!

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