Isn't she just the cutest little Bumble Bee! This is my friends daughter Imani. 

Today is not a happy or fun day for me. It has been raining all day out here. I didn't get much sleep and I had to wake up early to drive 40 minutes to my Doctor appointment in Tacoma. When I was done I came home and took a nap.

I only had one trick or treater and that was at 9pm so I just gave him my whole bag of candy. Might as well, If I didn't then I would of ended up eating it all by myself eventually.

My husband has duty today and will not be home till tomorrow night. Hopefully before 10pm. Yesterday he didn't get off till 10pm. They have been working long hours to prepare for some testing and making sure things are inspected and working properly. This sucks for him and me.

He was only home for about an hour last night before he was so tired that he went to sleep. Then he has to go to work today and stay there all day till tomorrow night. I really hope that this changes soon. I get sorta bored and lonely out here all by myself. I know he's exhausted from working all day that he's not going to come home in a cheerful mood. His schedule affects everybody.

Time has been flying so fast so I'm sure before we know it things will be back to normal. He should be heading back to San Diego within a few months. He also hasn't taken any leave this year either. We are over due for a vacation together. Lets see what happens when December comes!

I hope that everybody else enjoyed their Halloween and hopefully you had some good weather wherever you are at. Make sure everybody keep the Hurricane Sandy Victims in your prayers!!

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