I love having pretty nails. I would love for my nails to match my outfit everyday. I try my hardest to change my nail color up every few days.

My problem is I'm not good at making my manicure look professional. My nails are only cute for one day. After that they start to look dull. I use Sally Hansen nail polish and a few cheaper nail polishes also. Im not sure which ones are the best. Like I said, "they all look cute on day one".

When I go to the nail salon they make my nails look super cute. I have to pay $11 and the manicure last me all of 3 days. Its way cheaper when I do it myself every few days. What's a girl to do? I need someone to give me some pointers on keeping my nails looking good and what brand of polishes I should invest in.

This week I decided to try and "take care" of my manicure. On day two of having my manicure I decided to put a coat of clear polish on my nails. Then on Day 6 I put another coat of clear polish on my nails. Today is day 7.I was able to make it last for a whole week! Im so proud of myself.
Here's the picture

I still need more pointers on how to take care of my natural nails. Putting clear polish on them will not always do the trick but that did preserve my nail polish. What should i do to keep my cuticles looking nice?
ANY and ALL ideas are greatly appreciated!!!

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