I haven't posted anything lately. I've been enjoying my Thanksgiving weekend. I did all the cooking and I can say that Im proud of myself. The food tasted good. I cooked ham, greens, mac and cheese, dressing(stuffing), apple crisp pie and sweet potato pie. One of my Husbands co-workers came over to eat with us and he cleaned his plate. It made me feel good. ahaha

My family back home wanted to see how the food turned out so I filmed a quick video of my dinner. lol.
It was nice to prepare a Holiday meal. I still wish that I had help but my Husband can't cook! ahaha. We are going to have to work on his cooking skills.

Now, It's time for me to get ready for Christmas. I put my tree up yesterday. It's small and cute. Just big enough for us.

I will make a Turkey instead of Ham for Christmas Dinner. My Husband really wanted Turkey but I didn't want to cook it because I was afraid that I would not do a good job. It's time to get over that fear!

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