My weekend was pretty relaxed.

I went to the Kitsap Mall around 1130pm on Friday. They opened the doors to the mall at 11:45pm and the crowd went wild!
Here's the video of the crowd

The stores themselves opened up at 12 AM. I went to Victoria's secret to get some of the PINK items. I got a few sweaters, some yoga pants and some bras. They did not have any great sales. I was very disappointed about that. I also had to wait in line to check out for about an hour and a half.

The next store I went to was Old Navy. It was raining outside and the line was wrapped around the corner. So I decided that I would not wait in that line or wait in the rain. Instead I went home and tried to get some rest...Well it didn't happen until about 7:30 AM. 

Then I woke up around 12:30 PM and decided to go to Big Lots and the Navy Exchange(NEX). The crowds had pretty much died down by this time. I was in and out of both places without any wait. I got a Christmas tree and a Tablet/E-Reader for my husbands Niece. I got a wireless printer for the NEX.

I decided to stay home on Saturday and get some rest, so that I could recover from all that Black Friday Shopping.

On Sunday I stayed home and spent some quality time with my Husband. I love days like that!
I also decided to start working on a meal plan for the week. That went well and my grocery bill was $40. That included some other things that were not apart of the meal plans. The APP that I used to create the meal plan was FOOD ON THE TABLE. I recommend this APP. It has some great food choices. Try it out!

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