I'm so glad it's Friday. I've had a long week...

I have been trying to come up with Ideas on what to cook for Thanksgiving Dinner. Since it's just the two of us I dont want to make too much. Im thinking we will pass on the turkey this year. Maybe just do Ham. I need to decide on what side dishes we want also. Any Ideas??? Please share them with me!

I'm also taking some online classes through DeVry University and they really have been keeping me busy. When I'm not doing school work I'm either running errands or going to doctor appointments and physical therapy appointments. I'm in the process of getting a breast reduction so my doctor recommend me do more physical therapy before my reduction would be approved. I'm willing to do whatever they ask of me so that I can get back pain relief from these large breast.

My husband has Duty tonight but I'm not going to complain. Only because we are planning to go out of town tomorrow when he gets home. Not sure if we are going back to the Tulalip Resort or not. If we do not, then we will go to Leavenworth. I'm just excited for another weekend getaway.

I love enjoying our time away from the house. I also want to explore more of Washington before we move from here. One thing the military offers us is a chance to explore the world. I plan to take advantage of every location that I get to live in!

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