Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. This year it is November 23rd. Most stores have super duper great sales! I am very frugal and I love a sale. Im not willing to sleep outside for that sale. I have said plenty of times that "im going to camp outside so that I can get that laptop for $150". lol

It sounds good when I say i, but it will never happen. I normally try to go to stores that open at midnight. If I don't plan to stay up late then I will go to the stores that open at 5am.

I will stalk the Black Friday ad's and know what I want and come up with a plan before the day comes. Last year I wasn't so excited about Black Friday because in less then a month later I was going to be moving from San Diego to Bremerton and that was at the top of my priority list. I only ended up going to one store and that was the NEX. I got my husband a XBOX 360 with Kinect for $199. That was an awesome steal. I got it by accident technically, but he's in love with his XBOX 360. Best accident ever!

I had to take my husband to work because he had Duty. When I got there, I saw that the NEX didn't seem packed. I was in my pajamas and it was about 5am. I wouldn't normally go shopping in my PJ's but I figured I would run in and see if they had any XBOX's left. They ended up having a huge supply! It was the NEX on Coronado. Sucks that I will not be out there this year to purchase something from that NEX.

I think all I want for Xmas is the New Kindle HD. It's release date is November 20. Which is a few days before Black Friday. More then likely it will not be on sale anywhere.

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