My husband received his new orders last week. I'm not going to say where we are moving to yet because it's not official.

Well it is but it's not!

The place that they want to send him to is not one of our choices. He didn't get a chance to let them know what his choices were and received orders before he was able to do that. He's going to see if he can get new orders, again. Wish us luck with this process. It can go either way. He can give the orders back and get something better or end up with something worst. They are for two years but the location is not right for us.

If we end up having to go there then that will be okay of course. We will definitely make the best out of it. Just like Washington, this was unexpected but we have made it home, even though we have only been here for about a year. It definitely took some getting use to. I can't say that we love it but we have a great outlook on things. It makes it that much easier to deal with it! Does anybody have any PCS stories that they would like to share? Which Duty station was your favorite and what was your least favorite?

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