Today is New Years Eve. The last day of 2012. This has been a year to remember for me. I have seen and done things that I never thought I would. My husband and I both got a chance to enjoy our time together without any interruptions from Deployments and Underways. I was also able to travel to some places that I've wanted to visit and never got a chance to see before.

I started working on my YouTube Channel around summer time. It did good right away. I was posting regular how to videos showing others how to do things that I knew how to do. lol. Last but not least, I created this blog! Through my blog I'm able to express myself and share my thoughts and opinions with people that I've never met in real life but they are able to relate to me. Being able to communicate and relate to others is one of the greatest feelings ever! I couldn't of asked for a better year then 2012.

Time to review my year via pictures! 

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