Every wonder how bloggers make money? I'm willing to share my information with others. I've had a lot of people post information that helped me build my blog so now I'm trying to help someone else, If I can.

I will post a series of ways to make money blogging over the next few weeks. So here's my first one...

I currently make most of my money off of Affiliate Ads. I think that a lot of people choose this as a way to make money blogging. Affiliate Ads is performance based marketing.

You can use Google or Amazon for this. Depending on what you are blogging about, ads will be displayed on your blog as a test link, banner or product image. When someone visits your blog and then clicks on one of your affiliate ads and makes a purchase, you then will earn a commission for referring that visitor to their site.

If your content is very good then you will receive some relevant ads on your blog. I have had a variety of ads on my blog, such as Target, Walmart, Geico and plenty more big companies. For Example, when I posted about Black Friday's Walmart Sales, Walmart ads were posted on my page. If anyone that visited my page clicked on the Walmart ad then I would receive a percentage a small finders fee plus a percentage of the purchase, if there is a purchase.

YOUR not doing much at all. Your just posting good content and the Affiliate Ads are selling themselves!

Here's some links that you can use to sign up.
Google Adsense
Amazon Affiliates


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