I have finally received my approval for breast reduction surgery. I'm super excited! I think I'm the only one that's excited. Everybody keeps saying I don't need to do it.

I'm doing it for me so I can't listen to every one around me. I have Double D's. I'm tired of these things. They are causing back pain and neck pain just having to carry them around all day with me. My Doctor things that it will be better for me to have a reduction and it should eliminate the back and neck problems. Of course there's no way to really know if it will get rid of all my problems until after it's done.

I can't wait to be able to fit comfortable in my sweaters and shirts. Everything fits super snug right around my breast. Even my jackets can't zip up all the way around my breast without smothering them. I'm ready to feel more comfortable in my own skin. This should boost my confidence level!

I plan to document this journey on my YouTube channel. Hopefully my experiences can help some one else out in the near future.