THEKRAZYCOUPONLADY.COM is a website that will help you learn about saving by collecting and redeeming coupons to lower your prices. It's ran by a couple of moms that are willing to help others learn how to save. They updated their website through out the day with different specials and discounts.

For example: The item that is on sale will be posted. Then they will explain which store the item can be purchased at and which coupons to use with this purchase. Sometimes you can use more then one coupon per item. It depends on which store you are buying it from and what the store policy is for using coupons. All of this information is found on their website. They also have a Facebook page. 

I have been a fan of this website for about a year now. This is how I first learned how to use coupons. Using coupons have helped me cut the cost for household items. I use more coupons purchasing toiletries and supplies, then I do purchasing groceries.

I have purchased a ton of items free of charge. One time their was a coupon posted for $1.00 off Glade Air Freshener at Target. Target will let you use as many coupons as you like during your purchase. So i bought about 20 free air fresheners. lol. I stocked up on those free items. This is just one of the awesome deals that i have taken advantage of.

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