I know that most people will start making New Years resolutions soon. I never make any of those. I try to make goals every day/week/month. So here's the start of one of my new goals/adventures...

I have been changing my eating habits these last few weeks. So this week I decided to try to not eat any meat. I knew this would be hard because there is no way that my husband is going to eat no meat with me. He's a carnivore! So therefore I will still have to buy meat and cook meat for him.

I decided to purchase some BOCA and Morning Star meatless items. They are soy based and have a meat like texture and taste but there's no meat in it at all. They tasted pretty good to me. I had some ribs, chicken nuggets, chicken fingers and hamburgers. All of these items were meatless. lol. My husband had the real meat while i ate the imitation meats.

The meatless meals made me feel a little hungry when I was done eating them the first few days. After Day three I'm assuming my body had adjusted to this no meat thing. I started to feel full when I was done with my meals.

Here's an example of what I would eat for lunch:
BOCA Meatless Chicken Nuggets (I had a small amount of sweet and sour sauce with these)
Sweet Potato Fries
Serving of Fruit(banana or strawberries)

I plan to review some of the foods that I ate. I will probably post my reviews on Tuesday and Wednesday. I also plan to upload a Youtube video on all the items that I have incorporated in my meal plan for this week.

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