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I made a list of goals a few weeks ago. I have accomplished some of them so I can scratch them from the list. Now I just need to update my list and create more small goals.
  • Keep track of our spending for two weeks & Create a monthly budget and stick to it
  • Create a space in my huge bedroom where I can use it exclusively for recording my YouTube videos.
  • Clean my closet out
Sort through all my clothes and put the summer clothes and the stuff that i do not wear in our storage room on the balcony. This will free up so much room. I shop too much so I have a ton of clothes and no room for them in my closets or my drawers.
  • Meet with the personal property department to set up a plan of action for our PCS move which is planned for the beginning of March 2013
I want to get a plan set up asap so that we can already know whats going on. Whenever we move everything is always last minute which leads to a ton of stress. I want to be able to avoid all that extra stress this time around.
  • Finish the last couple of classes needed to complete my associates degree
I'm still working towards this goal. Currently taking online courses as we speak and I have an A in both classes. I'm hoping to take a full load next semester then I will have enough credits to get my Associates Degree. I just registered yesterday for my spring 2013 courses.

Setting goals are important because they encourage you to get things done. If you haven't sat down and came up with a list of goals lately, then maybe it's time that you start now!


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