I love shopping but the stores have been jam packed these last few weeks. Today is the day after Christmas. I know that a lot of people have today off from work. So, of course the malls will be full of shoppers. I'm going to try to stay far away from the shoppers today.

I will do some online shopping today. Online shopping always seems to be cheaper for me anyway. There's normally coupon codes online where you can get a percentage off of your total or free shipping. My favorite stores offer free shipping. These are a few of the places where I do my online shopping at:
Victoria's Secret
Rue 21
Old Navy

They are offering some huge discounts today. Up to 75% off. If you go into the stores they items might be even cheaper because they will let you use your military discount also. Each store location is different. I know the Silverdale Old Navy only offer military discounts on Mondays. So check with your local location about military discounts.

I hope that you are able to get some great deals if you decide to shop online today. Please be sure to share your online shopping experience with me! I'm sure there's plenty of other stores having great sales also.

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