I went to Gene Juarez Salon & Spa in Silverdale about a week ago to get my hair washed and flat ironed. It cost me $40 and and a 30 minute drive from my house(lol).They used sulfate free products on my hair.  The products did contain some silicone's but that's fine with me. The silicone's will help protect my hair from the heat that was put on it. They did use a heat protector that also helps protect my hair from any heat damage. I also had them use a anti humidifier. This helps my hair last longer since it's always raining out here and it's been super cold also

I've been going to this salon for almost a month now. This is my second visit. I'm going to try to go once every two weeks so that my hair can get trained again. When you go so long without getting your hair flat ironed sometimes it does not want to take. That's the problem that I was having. So now I'm in the "training" phase. My hair is lasting for almost two whole weeks.

I will wear my natural curls for a few days in between hair appointments. It's very healthy and I make sure to keep it moisturized. I do not plan to use no chemicals on my hair. When I want it straight, I will get it flat ironed which allows me to always go back to my curls by just washing my hair. I love taking care of my natural hair because this enables me to grow long healthy hair. I can't wait to see what it will look like in another few months. I will probably get my ends clipped at the end of January and also do another length check.

Here's my hair after it was washed and then after it was flat ironed

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