I haven't created a new post in a few days. I have been sorta busy with my husband. Not really preparing for Christmas since it's just the two of us. More so just trying to spend time together.

Yesterday we went to Point Defiance Zoo to check out Zoolights. It was really pretty. I love seeing Christmas lights. They also had two new baby tigers there. We went to this Zoo for the first time a few months ago and I got a chance to see the big tigers. It was really nice to see some babies last night. I filmed a few video clips from the Zoo. Be sure to check out my Youtube Channel to watch my short videos.

After we left the Zoo my husband wanted to go to the Casino "real quick" lol. Those are his words, not mines. We ended up being there for a few hours. I always seem to win me some money. It wasn't much but it was something! ahaha. I won $40 so of course I was excited like I had won a million dollars.

Today we just chilled out together and went to take a few photos with a new friend of mines. She's starting her photography business and we were able to get some cute photos taken which will get to be in her Portfolio. That was fun. My husband is not into photos but he had a good time too. That's always nice!

We had a great weekend. My husband had yesterday and today off from work. He has duty tomorrow but I will join him on the ship for Christmas Dinner!

It is Christmas Eve and I want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas!

Here's something cute that I wanted to share

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