Picture of me on my way to my appointment

Today I had my breast reduction surgery. My appointment was for 8:30 am. I got there around 6 am so that they can prep me and get me ready. It was all over at 10:30 am. I was so tired from lack of rest that once they put me out, I was out for good! I didn't wake up till about 12:30 pm. I left the hospital around 1:30 pm, after my ride came to get me.

My husbands duty schedule changed and today he has duty. The appointment was set about a month and half ago so we always knew that was a chance that his schedule would change. He was able to drop me off at the hospital this morning and that meant the world to me.

I was scared, nervous and excited all at the same time. Scared because I was by myself, nervous because I didn't know what to expect and excited to see the results!

My friend Stephanie picked me up and took me to her house for a few hours. My pain level has been at about a 2 since surgery. I've been taken my Oxycodon pills and my antibiotic pill once every 4 hours. This has been keeping my pain level low and I have been laying in bed resting. I've only gotten less then an hour of sleep. I feel tired but my body will not let me pass out. Maybe I slept too much after surgery initially.

I'm not physically restricted from doing too much. I can do light activities starting tomorrow. Right now I've been laying down the whole day unless I need to get up to use the restroom. When I'm standing I tend to feel a little dizzy. I'm sure that will go away tomorrow. I have a follow up with my surgeon tomorrow at 9 am. He has me schedule to see him, one day after surgery, one week, one month and at three months. I will no longer be in Washington State in three months, so my final visit will be with a new surgeon in San Diego.

I took filmed some video clips of myself before and after surgery. I'm going to post the videos on my YouTube Channel that I've dedicated to my Breast Surgery Journey. I probably will not show a full body update until I get to the doctors office tomorrow. It's 8:00 pm and I'm hoping to get more rest and just relax and go see my doctor tomorrow morning. But you can click HERE to view my new YouTube channel! (MrzMills3 is my user name)

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