I finally did my taxes today. I used Turbo Tax since it was free for military. I normally go with H&R Block. Both do the same thing. I'm just use to using H&R Block so I continue to stay a loyal customer...Until 2013. lol.

I haven't been discussing much of my life on my blog this last week. I have been having so many other things to do. I started my Spring Semester on Monday and that has been keeping me busy. I'm only taking online classes but they take up a lot of my time.

My husband cut himself at work. He was moving a pipe and didn't realize that another one was sticking out and cut his hand on it. He had to get 8 stitches. Of course the Navy still makes him come to work even though he can't do any work. He just has to be there and sit there. Might as well let him stay at home for a few days if your not going to have him work. That's too much like right so we know that will never happen.

So, now we both have stitches and have limited mobility in our arms/hands. You know, the body parts that we use the most. I laughed about this the other day. I can't lift things and I can't reach high. Jeremy can't use his left hand to hold or pick up anything. Maybe it's time for us to have so children, we need some help around here. lol. My friend has a 2 year old and she can do just about everything. If your cooking she wants to help, if your cleaning she wants to help with that also. It's so cute!

I'm still healing from my Breast Reduction that I had three weeks ago. My healing process is going well. These last few days I had been having pain in my nipples from the rubbing of the undershirt and the surgical bra. I was able to fix that issue and I'm back to normal. I noticed today that my breast are not healing at the same pace. The left one is healing faster. Maybe because i'm right handed and I use the right hand/arm more so it's healing slower? I don't know, but that's my theory!

My life is always a mini roller coaster. I wouldn't trade of any of it. This is the best dang roller coaster ever. Thanks for taking time out of your life to catch up on my life!

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