My Husband and I decided to talk about where we want to live when he's done with the military. Rather that be at retirement or in the next 5 years when it's time for him to reenlist again. Of course we didn't agree on any locations yet. lol. but it was nice to hear his ideas and for me to share mines with him.

He would like to live somewhere that will offer him an opportunity to find work based on his current job skills. He does not want to go to college and use his G.I Bill. I know a lot of former military members decide to take this route. If he does not use it, I know he can transfer it to me or our future children(since we don't have any right now)

You should speak to your spouse now about where you guys plan to live when he's done with the military. This will help you to better plan your future. We have time to still think things over. We want to be able to pick our finally duty stationed based on where we want to start our "new" lives at. That way we will already be established in that location. We could buy a house and his transition from active duty to civilian would be a smoother process. We would prefer to not have to move and relocate. That would just make the separation process a little tougher on him.

We have a few ideas that we plan to discuss in the near future. I like to plan things out so I'm going to make sure we have a few different options that we can possibly go with. Start planning now so your not overwhelmed later!

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