Today was suppose to be the day that I got out of bed and ran some errands. It didn't go as planned because I forgot to check the weather. It has been raining all day out here. Plus it's super cold outside. Depending on where you are from, you might not think that 43 degrees is cold. Well i'm from San Diego and this is cold to me.

I still tried to get a few small things done today. My husband has duty and duty days are the days that I try to be super productive so that the day can go by fast. I'm so behind in a lot of things, such as grocery shopping. I haven't felt well enough to do it. I actually felt good today. I hope tomorrow is a better day and I'm able to catch up on some more things. I'm only a week behind on stuff. 

I'm glad that my recovery process has been going so well. I anticipated at least six weeks. So for the new few weeks I will still take it easy and only do what I can.

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