This has been a pretty slow week for me. I've been trying to relax and at the same time take baby steps to get back into a normal routine. I'm going to start volunteering at the homeless shelter at the end of the week. It's been about a month since I've had time to volunteer. This is a way for me to get out of the house, be more social and help others in need!
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This weeks Questions: All about 3's

Top 3 Favorite kinds of food: Mac and Cheese, Tacos and bacon

First 3 things that you do in the morning: Grab my phone to check all my alerts such as Email, Facebook, Instagram etc. lol. Turn the television on and then go wash my flash and brush my teeth.

Last 3 things you do at night: Brush my teeth, wash my face, grab a glass of water and put it next to the bed because i'm always thirsty.

3 TV shows you NEVER miss: Scandal, Teen Mom, Army Wives

3 Places you want to visit: Bahamas, Canada and Florida ( you see I'm a pretty simple lady. lol)

3 People you can always count on: There's just too many people that i'm able to count on. I have a lot of family and we are all support of one another. The main ones are, My Grandmother, My Aunt and My Sister. At the top of the list is My Husband of course.
Here's some pictures of me and my wonderful family in San Diego!

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