I want to share a new recipe that I tried last night. If you have children then you would omit the hot sauce from the recipe. I like spicy foods so that made it taste even better!

Boil Chicken and after it cools then shred it by hand.
Add hot sauce of your choice to the chicken and season to taste.
Make small balls with Chicken
Dip the Chicken ball into the flour
Dip the Chicken ball into the eggs
Dip the Chicken ball into the Corn Flakes
Place on baking sheet and bake on 300 for 20 minutes
When finished served with ranch dressing

My husband and I both loved these chicken bites. They were crunchy on the outside and yummy in the inside. We ate them with fries.

I found this recipe on Notions From Nonny. I changed a few things about it. I'm lactose intollerant so I didnt use the cream cheese that was in the original recipe. I also left out the green onions because she said her family wasn't a fan of the onions and we aren't onion people either.

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