I'm lactose intolerant but one of my favorite treats is Ice Cream. I know that makes no sense. lol. I've been looking for something besides sherbet. I found this at Trader Joe's. It's dairy free and It's made from soy.

It taste just like Ice Cream and it cost about $4 for a nice size container. It's larger then a pint. They only had two flavors. Cherry Chocolate Chip and Vanilla. I figured I would go with the Cherry because vanilla is plain. If I wanted something plain I would of just went with some Greek yogurt and froze it.

This is one of the best substitutes to Ice Cream that I have found. I've tried a few other ones and they do not compare to this. I'm not even a big chocolate fan but the chocolate pieces are pretty yummy and they do not take away from the Cherry taste. There's also some small pieces of cherries in there also. Those are the best part!

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