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Well I guess I should title this "trying to get back to my normal routine".

 I decided to get dress today and go to the mall with my friend for an hour or two just to get out the house. I've been in the house since Friday. I was ready to venture out because I have been feeling better.

My outing did not go as planned. I've been in bed for almost a week now. My body is use to relaxing. As soon as I started walking around the mall I started to feel tired and I felt pain in my side and my breast area and under the breast. My body felt sort of beat up.

I think this is because I haven't had any activity lately. I should of started off easy and just went out to lunch. Now I will know better the next time. I will stay home tomorrow and go to my doctors appointment on Friday. I'm going to see how my appointment goes and see how I feel afterwards.

I have to take everything one step at a time. I had been feeling so good lately that I felt like I was ready to try to do things again. Now I know that I'm definitely not ready. I'm still taking my pain meds and my antibiotics. I will be done with all my medicine on Friday. I'm not looking forward to Friday because I do not know how I'm going to feel when I'm not taking medicine anymore. I hope all the pain will be over and done with. I'm ready for this road to recovery!

I already have a Youtube Channel that's dedicated to my breast reduction, road to recovery. Now I'm going to start up a new blog just for this also. then I can keep this blog as my blog for everything else and I wont flood your news feed with My breast reduction information. I will keep you updated on the new blog. Click HERE for the Youtube Channel.

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