I went on Move.mil today to set up our move from Washington. Im looking foward to some sunshine! One more month of this nasty Washington weather. The movers are scheduled to show up on March 1st. Me and my husband might decide to do this move a little sooner but as of now that's our date.

I can't believe it is almost February already. 2013 is moving by fast. I plan to spend a month or two in California with my family and then on to Georgia I will go. I can't win for losing when it comes to weather. I will get to Georgia in June and I'm sure I will have to experience that humidity. It's better then rain plus we will have air conditioning.

I'm trying my hardest to get everything done without stressing. It's very hard! Everyday I'm thinking about something new that I need to take care of. Washington has been home to us since December 2011 so this leaving will be bitter sweet. I will have to move to a new house in a new area.

It always takes some time to get comfortable and make it feel like home. This is the life that me and my husband have both signed up for. I'm going where ever the Navy sends him and I will make sure to make the best of it. It's always an experience. At least I get to experience living in a variety of states. So when he's done with the military we will have a ton of options as to where we want to settle down at.

This weekend at the mall

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