Today I did my cowash with a new product. It's As I am Coconut Cowash. I purchased it from Sallys Beauty Supply. It cost about $8. I also got a Sallys Rewards Card, regular price for the rewards card is $5 but you get a $5 coupon off your next purchase. I obtained the card for free because that's their military discount. You use the card each time you make a purchase and you always get the discounted rate.

 The Coconut Cowash smells really good! Has my hair feeling soft and not crunchy and hard. It was kind of creamy so i didn't really need to use a lot of it. I can tell that my hair is really clean. The Coconut Cowash makes detangling your hair fairly easy. Normally it takes me a few minutes to detangle and i have to split the hair in sections. Today i was able to just run my fingers through my hair a few times and it was detangled. It didn't even take me a whole minute. I definitely plan to use this for my cowashes from now on. I recommend my other natural hair ladies to try this cowash because you will love it and I also hope you enjoyed this product review!

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