My husband's Duty schedule just changed last week. He has duty every 4 days and when he has duty he has to spend the night at work. I'm not a fan of this new schedule. It means I'm home by myself every 4 days.When he has duty it throws my schedule off. I tend to stay up all night till the wee hours of the morning. The only good thing is that i get a chance to thoroughly clean the house up with no interruptions.

His old duty schedule was once a week and he would be home by 930pm on duty nights. He had to work one weekend a month. So on Saturday morning he would go to work and get off on Sunday night by 930pm. I hope he can soon go back to the old routine. Just felt like venting today. I guess since Ive been by myself for the last 24 hours, due to him having duty, I have extra time to blog more!

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