Im suppose to go to San Diego today but im not up for the "process" It takes a lot to travel. My husband has duty today so i would have to take a cab to the Kitsap Airporter Shuttle. The cab would be $10. The airporter would be $22. Then i have to get to the airport by 630 pm which means i need to catch the 330 pm airporter. It's a 90 minute ride to the airport. I would arrive around 5pm. There's a layover in Phoenix, AZ. I would get to San Diego at 1145pm. That whole traveling process is just too much to be bothered with today. I will probably go next weekend. Plus my husbands birthday is on Monday the 9th so if i go to San Diego i would have to come back on Saturday because he has duty again on Sunday. Im not a fan of this Duty schedule of his. The life of a navy wif3 can really suck sometimes!
...But then there's those other times when it's just awesome!!

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