I haven't used chemicals on my hair in almost two years. I have had natural hair but i was using a lot of heat. I would wash and then blow my hair. Then press it straight with a straightening comb. Then i would flat iron it. Or i would just get a weave or some individual braids. This is my first time going all natural since i was a child. It has been a long time since I have seen my natural curls. I almost forgot that i had curly hair!

I don't plan to do the big chop. I still have some perm on my ends in the front. I will get my ends cut every month until the perm is completely gone from my hair. I know that it's perm because the ends are completely straight.

I want to feel free by not having to use brushes, combes or hair ties. Just let my hair breathe. I want to learn how to manage my natural curls. I'm glad that I can document this journey and hopefully it will help some other ladies that are on a natural journey.

DAY3: (9/16/12)

Today i added a little bit of water to my hair and it still stayed kind of hard to the touch. The hair has it same shape since day 1. I do like that. The overall look hasn't changed at all. I just dont like it being hard. I want it to feel soft.
Pictures after i added some water to it

I decided to co-wash my hair today. I did not apply a lot of gel to it. It dried pretty fast since i did not put a lot of gel or conditioner in it. It's more bushy now. My curls aren't defined. It's also still kind of hard. I think it turned out horrible this time around. I look a mess by the head. This is just my personal opinion.

I will have to try again tomorrow. I will spend most of my day traveling. So im not sure if i will wash my hair in the morning or after i get home tomorrow evening. hmmm
Pictures after the hair dried with little conditioner and a small amount of gel

DAY 4 (9/17/12)

Today i co-washed my hair around 5pm. Then i added some gel to it. i did this because i did not do a good job of this last night. I only added a little bit of conditioner and gel last night and i did not like the ending results. So today i added more of the two products and i thought that my hair looked better. My curls weren't as defined as they were on day one when i used a lot of the two products. My curls were hard. I want them to be soft and fluffy but not puffy. Not sure what i will do tomorrow. Probably continue to wear my wash and go and then twist my hair at night. I should be leaving San Diego tomorrow and heading back to Bremerton. I will try to upload a YouTube video of my hair regimen.
Here are the pictures from today!

DAY 6 (9/19/12)

I was traveling all day yesterday so i was unable to post an update about Day 5. My hair did good yesterday. I had no problems with it. It was still kind of hard. Im starting to think maybe the gel is keeping it hard but I use the gel that's recommended, which is Eco Styler.

I've created a video for Day 6 on my youtube channel.

DAY 7 (9/20/12)

It has officially been a week since i have started my wash and go. I have no used any combs or brushes in my hair. I only use my fingers to do all the work for me.

Last night i put my hair into a pineapple at the top of my head and then put my bonnet on top. I woke up this morning and it looked excellent. I was very pleased. It felt softer then it did yesterday.
Here are the pictures from today!

DAY 8 (9/21/12)

My hair stayed the same today as it was yesterday. Im actually happy about that. There was no changes at all. I covered it with a bonnet when i went to sleep and when i woke up it was in great shape still. I will probably do a new wash and go tomorrow morning when i wake up.

DAY 9 (9/22/12)

I did a co-wash and then a wash n go today. After my hair dried it was actually kind of soft today. It was still damp and i went go kart racing so Im not sure if that had something to do with it. I was driving at fast speeds with my hair blowing in the wind. This is the first time that I have been able to get it softer. The pictures that i took today are after i did the wash and go and before the hair had a chance to dry.
Here are the pictures from today!

DAY 10 (9/23/12)
I didn't take any pictures of my hair today. It did really well over night. It's soft and it's not hard at all. It's Sunday so I pretty much stayed home with my Husband all day. I will take pictures tomorrow.

DAY 11 (9/24/12)
Today I used a spray bottle to spray water on my hair. Just a little bit of water. I just wanted to loosen my curls up some. I posted a video update on Youtube

Here are the pictures from today!

DAY 12 (9/25/12)
Tonight I decided to do a twist out. I twisted my hair while it was dry. I sprayed a small bit of water on it just so it could loosen up a little bit. Then at the ends i added some Eco Styler Gel to seal the twist. My hair is so soft and light weight. I can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow. I upload a new youtube video of me twisting my hair tonight.

DAY 13 (9/26/12)
Last night i slept with a silk bonnet on my head. I woke up this morning and took my twist down. I sprayed a little bit of motions leave in conditioner in it and a little bit of water. Im not going to add any oil to it. I will do that tomorrow when i freshen my hair up.
Here are the pictures from today!

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