I created a tutorial for the no sew-fleece blanket. This is a braided blanket and not a tie blanket. You will need two pieces of fleece. Lay the two pieces of fleece on top of one another and make sure they are cut to the same size. I make 1 inch wide and 2 inch long cuts all around the blanket. After im done doing that, I fold the cuts in half and then make a half inch cut. I use a large crochet needle to do the braiding part. You can use a bobby pin or even a paper clip to make a hook so that it could be like the crochet needle. You just need something to grip the fabric and be able to pull it thru one another. After you are finished making your cuts then you will take your crochet needle through a half inch cut and pull the bottom piece of fabric thru the top piece. Then put your crochet needle thru the next cut and pull the bottom piece of fabric thru. You will continue to do this all around your blanet till you get to the last two pieces. Then you will tie a knot twice on the last two pieces so that your blanket will stay braided. If you have any questions on this tutorial please leave me a comment. I have attached two videos. One is a tutorial on how to do the braided blank and the other one is just a video showing you some of my finished blankets.

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