I finally upgraded my MyTouch 4G. I now am the proud owner of a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 3. So far I like the phone. It's the closet that I can get to an Iphone. I like the fact that I can do screen shots plus I still have the forward facing camera. This phone came with 16GB of internal memory. I had to use a new sim card. It's called a micro sim. That was not a problem for me because all of my information is saved through Google. So i just logged into my Google account and all of my information came up.
The micro sim is not working in my Husbands favor. He had a HD7, which was a Windows phone so his information was not saved through Google. It was saved thru Windows Live. Now he has to plug all of his information into his new phone. He also is not allowed to take a phone with a camera onto his ship due to security reasons. He use to take his sim card out and put it into a little flip phone that he purchased because it has no camera. So im not sure what he will do now. He probably will not be able to have a phone during the day because the mini sim will not fit into his flip phone.

I paid $150 per phone but there was a $150 mail in rebate for each phone also. The taxes totaled about $50 per phone. I guess you can say we paid $50 per phone. That's a great deal for this $600 phone. The only downside was that i had to commit to another two year contract. I do not like extending my contract because when I want to get a new phone I normally have to pay full price or wait till my contract is up. The upgrade policy never works in my favor either. It only allows about $200 off the full price of a phone. Most of the new phones are at least $450!

For all of you that are ready for a new phone I think you should go out and purchase the Galaxy S III while there's still a mail in rebate!

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