Sorry I took so long to update you all on my Labor Day Vacation. My labor day weekend started late on Sunday. My husband had Duty and wasn't home from work till around 7am. We didnt leave our house till around 1230. We got to Portland around 4pm. We did the tourtist thing in the Pearl District. There were a ton of vendors that were selling food and other items.

 I got a Root Beer float because i wanted ice cream and i was thirsty. Haven't had one of these things in years!

We rode the light rail and the train and i took a ton of pictures.

Multnomah Falls were about 30 minutes outside of Portland. You can walk all the way up to the top of the mountain. We didnt get to go to far because there was no light out and there's no lights on your way up the trails. The Falls were beautiful but since we were there around 7pm at night it was dark and i couldnt get a good picture. I did buy a few items from the gift shop. When ever i go on a vacation i make sure to purchase a magnet for my refrigerator. It's like my little keepsake! I would definetly recommend that if you are ever in portland to drive out to see the falls.

Sunday night after we left the Falls, We decided to get a room at EconoLodge. It was a decent room for $60. No complaints at all. It actually didnt feel like a motel room. It felt more like you were at home. By the time we checked into our room it was almost 10pm and i was starving so we went to Suki's Bar & Grill down the street from the room and got some food to go. While we were waiting for our food i noticed to other people in there with thier dogs. I have never in my life seen a dog inside of a bar/pub. lol. Of course I had to document this!

On Monday, We went to visit Hillsboro, WA. It's about 20 minutes outside of Portland. The Zoo is out there. We didnt get a chance to go to the Zoo.

 There was nothing to really brag about out there. We should of just stayed in downtown Portland.

So, we ended up going back to Portland and checked out a few bars. I've attached some pictures of the restroom in one of the bars. I went in there and i wasn't a fan of the "art work". It felt like i was using the bathroom in an alley. lol

Next we went to the Waterpark  which overlooks the water and is next to the Bridge. I took a ton of beautiful pictures out there.

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