This casino is in Tacoma off the I-5. They do not have a rewards program like most other casinos. They do allow you to sign up for a players card. The rules for the cards are, as soon as you come in you swipe your card at customer service (sign in). Then you go and play the slots for two hours. After two hours you go back to customer service to swipe your card again(sign out). They will then give you a $25 gift certificate for food. This certificate can be redeemed at any food place within the casino. You do not have to play the slots. You can go chill out or even leave and come back two hours later and collect your certificate. Theres no one watching and no way for them to keep track. Yet, the rules state that you are to stay and play for two hours to receive your free certificate. Im not sure if this should be considered a rewards program or not. I guess it depends on what you like. Im frugal and im not a gambler. With this being said, it works for me! Sometimes i don't spend a whole $25 during my visit there. Lol. But my Husband makes sure he spends a ton of money on every visit. If your in Tacoma and want to visit a casino I would suggest you stop by Emerald Queen Casino. They have two locations. One in tacoma and one in Fife, which is not to far from Tacoma.

OAN: For anyone that likes Anthony Hamilton, He will be performing at Emerald Queen Casino on September 22, 2012!!!

here's the link for the website

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