Today my hubs was off duty around 8am. Whenever he's off work we try to find something fun to do together. We ended up going near Tacoma to Karts and Cages go karts in Point Defiance.
It's $7 per ride. If you spend more then $10 they will give you a free token for the batting cages. That's the military special. They do not offer any military discounts, just a special. We went on the go karts a few times. It was really fun. I'm use to a bigger area to ride go karts and faster cars, but that was still worth the $7. My husband hit the batting cages a few times. They have four different cages. They are slow/easy, medium, fast and real fast. My husband hasn't swung a bat in years and of course he goes into the "fast" cage. lol. He warmed up after one session and did a awesome job hitting all of the balls after that. We enjoyed ourselves today. I would definitely go back again. Here's the link for their website.
Karts and Cages

We finished our day with some shopping at the Tacoma Mall and dinner at Red Lobster. I had to take advantage of that all you can eat shrimp. I made sure to take a nice bag of left overs home also. lol

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