I always, I mean always fly with Southwest Airlines. Last month i had accumulated so many rapid rewards points that i was able to take a one way flight for free. I can say that i have taken about 18 one way flights this year alone. I fly back and forth from Washington to California every month. Always a one way ticket because I never know when I'm going to return.

If you originally purchase a non-refundable ticket and then decide to cancel your flight you can use the funds towards another flight. The funds are good for one year and then they expire. This works good for me because I'm always making changes to my itinerary. Today i woke up and decided that i wasn't ready to go home. My husband has duty tonight which means I will not see him till tomorrow anyway so I might as well enjoy another sunny day in San Diego.

Southwest offers a Military discount. Call the customer service number 800-435-9792. After you book your ticket over the phone you will have to show your Military ID to customer service at the airport when you get your boarding pass.

I highly recommend Southwest Airlines if you are flying to any location that they provide service to! Here's their website address http://www.iflyswa.com

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