It has been warm in Bremerton for a few weeks now. Im actually happy about this. The highs are about 80 degrees today. I saw on that there might be a chance of rain  on Monday. Im glad that i have went weeks without rain. When we first got to Washington back in December 2011, all it did was rain rain rain. Then Summer finally hit in July and it became nice and sunny. Then eventually super hot. I have felt some 95 Degree days with no A/C. Non of the apartments out here offer A/C because it dosen't get hot often. At the begining of August i was ready to fork over the $100 and purchase a window a/c unit because the heat was becoming unbearable. I lived on the third floor and the sun shines right into my bedroom window, which is the only window in the house. It also shines thru my balcony which is the only other way to vent some air thru the house besides leaving the front door open, and leaving the front door open is a no go because im scared of all the insects, spiders and other things that are flying and crawling around. lol. That's a new blog post all by itself.

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