I flew into San Diego last night around 11pm. This was after 7 hours of traveling. 4.5 of those hours were spent on a plane with one stop in Oakland but with no plane change. I fly so much you think i would be a pro at this and nothing would bother me anymore. Well it's not like that yet. I still get irritated at the idea of having to travel even though i love to go places. I can't win for loosing!

Today it was 104 degrees outside. Im glad to see sun again but i was not expecting that type of heat. It caught me off guard. Im glad i packed my shorts and tank tops. I have to prepare for California Summer weather even though it's Fall season. I will take some nice heat over cold weather but not this super hot heat. Im going to try and soak this heat up before i have to leave back for Washington on Monday. Tomorrow i plan to go to the beach and also get some shopping done. It's not a vacation if i dont shop. I will also have a lot of family that i need to visit before i leave. Today was a busy day because i tried to visit a ton of my cousins. I literally was scheduling meetings back to back with them as if it were a job. lol. I love my family!!

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