This is some great info that all military families should look over. Even if you are not about to PCS it's good to know what your options are. Sometimes it's hard to get information when it comes to your move and what the options are. Some people do not want the government to move them they prefer to do it themselves. 

We are suppose to move to San Diego next year and I'm doing a government move. It's less hassle for me and my husband. We wont have to pack or unpack anything. The last time we moved we did it ourselves and we did not get reimbursed for anything. We were suppose to move before September because it was stated in my husbands orders. We ended up moving in December because it was more convenient for us. We should have sent our household goods to our new location and just put them in storage in September but we did not have anybody to explain all the information to us.

What is a DITY move?
- A DITY move is a Do It Yourself move. Once you receive a copy of your orders, the government will estimate the cost to move your household goods depending on the weight and pay you 95% of the cost. Most people request this money in advance.You will receive 60% of the cost in Advance. The remaining 35% will be received after you have moved and turned in all the required forms.

If you do not request it in advance they you will wait to be reimbursed. If you know the military then you know that it can take 30 days or 3 months. There's never an exact time frame so be sure to request it in advance.

You can request a DITY MOVE at the Personal Property Office(PPO).
Here's a list of things that you need to take with you to the PPO:
Checking Account information (so advance moving money can be deposited)
Power Of Attorney( If the sponsor is not going to the PPO office then you)

PPO will give you all the information you need on how to work the MOVE.MIL website. When your done with this website you will go to PSD and pick up your Dislocation Allowance and they will give you the following forms:
Travel Voucher
DD Form 2278
PPM Checklist

So to sum all the funding up. You get the money to actually transport the houshold goods, you get a travel allowance to pay for traveling, such as for food and mileage, and you get a dislocation allowance.

Make sure that you keep a copy of everything that you turn into the Office after you move just in case anything gets lost while they are processing it.

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