I have traveled to a lot of different city and states within the United States. I know some people like to purchase nice gifts when they are on vacation. Maybe something for the house. I prefer to get something simple. The one thing that i get when I'm out of town is a magnet for my refrigerator. It's something small and something that i can remember the city by. I normally pay no more then $5 for a magnet. I have been collecting them since 2005.

When my husband went on deployment he brought back a lot of stuff from all the different countries that he visited. When he would ask me what i wanted i would always say "just make sure to pick up a magnet".

If your like me and you love to travel then i would recommend you find that one thing that you plan to purchase on each trip. I recommend the magnet because it's small, cute and convenient.

The magnets actually look cute on my refrigerator!

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