I use to think that if you elope you miss out on the feeling of really getting married...
I met my husband back in May 2010. In June he had to go underway for two months. He came back in August and we were able to rekindle our little flame. To us it was just like starting from scratch because we didn't really keep in touch while he was underway.

January 7, 2011 we ended up getting married. Of course, it was a scandal! We didn't even know each other long and we went and go married without notifying all of our friends and family. I had 5 guest there. All of them were my cousins. Everybody was wondering why we were running off to get married and why didn't we want to wait. They didn't think we knew what was really going to do it. They were worried for us!

Well this is October 2012 and we are still happily married. I guess now everybody can see that "it was real" lol. It wasn't a hoax at all. My family and friends are all happy for us. They didn't get to see an actual ceremony so of course they are still waiting for that. lol

I don't feel bad how it happen. I wouldn't change it for the world. I do want to have an actual ceremony eventually. We tried to have a ceremony scheduled for 11-11-11. Then my husband ended up getting new orders and his new ship went underway in October for a month and didn't return until the end of November 2011. Maybe next year we can see if we can play a ceremony!

Dont feel bad if you want to elope. Do what makes you and your significant other happy. No one else matters. Love does not work on a schedule, it just happens!

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