Today is the end of the week. I have had a busy week so far.

Last night me and my husband decided to go to the Emerald Queen Casino. I'm not a gambler so I usually only play with about $40. I was on the penny machines. Well I won a few bucks last night. Actually left there with $157! So of course i was all dramatic and was screaming like I won a million bucks!

I plan to take a yoga class at Naval Hospital Bremerton later today. I have been participating in a lot of their TLC courses. They are becoming a great fit for me. It's helping me out on my journey to becoming healthy. I want to loose weight but not temporary. I want to eat healthy and change my lifestyle up so that I can make this a permanent change.

My husband has Duty tomorrow morning and he wont be back home till Sunday. So far we have no plans but of course that might change soon!

I hope that all my friends and followers enjoy your FRIDAY!!

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