I signed up with Google Adsense as soon as I created my YouTube Channel. Adsense enables you to get paid to show ads on your website. When people watch your video's there's an ad before the video, maybe on the screen while the video is showing and evening at the top of the screen on the page.

When these ads are clicked on by your viewers you receive a fee from Adsense. It all depends on what the viewer clicks on and if they were to purchase a product or something. There's no way to really tell what they did. If you have a lot of viewers to your page you could start getting paid by views and clicks. If you have high traffic to your page then that means a lot of people will possibly view your ads.

I recommend anybody with a blogger account or a YouTube account to sign up for Adsense. It's a great way to make money off of blogging. I love it! Blogging is a full time job for me!

If anybody uses something other then Google Adsense then please comment below and let me know. I hear there are a few other companies that offer affiliate advertising.

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