I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend. My weekend was pretty great! I got to spend time with my husband and get some shopping done on Saturday. I dont know which experience I enjoyed more. lol. I really love to go shopping. I was in need of some winter clothes. The weather has dropped drastically. Right now it's 34 degrees and it's 10:28pm. It's freezing cold so I have the heat on hell! Just trying to stay warm. The cold weather makes for some great cuddle time. It's hard to come across cuddle time because I have to fight with his girlfriend (XBOX360). When it's cold I can def get cuddle time. lol.

Today we went to a bar with our friend to watch the Raiders game. The Raiders won. Of course i wasn't cheering for them. Im a San Diego Chargers fan. #TeamChargers
It was good to go out and enjoy ourselves with friends. Only bad thing was, two hours turned into 7 hours. We were suppose to watch the raiders game then we ended up watching the San Francisco Giants Baseball game.

I uploaded a few new videos on my YouTube Channel. Make sure to check them out!

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